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Success Story

Here are the success stories and cases with AVTECH total solutions.


Industry Type 
Project Name 
Solution Series 
Commercial / Residential Area 
Luxury Hotel, Hannover, Germany
Country : Germany
SI Partner : F.B.I.S. Veranstaltungs-Management-und Personenschutz GmbH

This case is a system integration example between AVTECH and other brand’s VMS system. In this case, AVTECH high-end IP cameras, AVM561 ...
Commercial / Residential Area 
Palladium Mall in Iran
Country : IRAN
Importer : TOLICOMP Co.(FARCO)
Address : Unit8, No. 375, Pasdaran Ave., Tehran, Iran
Phone : (098) 2126651185

It is a premium mall situated on the best location of Tehran . Besides all the luxury br...
Commercial / Residential Area 
The National Museum in Southern Taiwan
In the museum, most of the artifacts are collected by the Chinese imperial family in the past thousands of years. The museum consists nearly 700,000 pieces including antiquities, paintings and calligraphies, historical documents and rare books, ...
Commercial / Residential Area 
A Residential Area in Japan
We arranged a set of products for the community in Japan. The residents’ requirements for the surveillance system are listed below.
(1) Instant notification when fire erupts
(2) Clearly recording of the entrances
(3) Easier arr...
Retail / Chain Store 
New-built large superstore in Laos
Country : Laos
SI Partner : Total IT Solution
Address : Savannakhet, Laos
Phone : +856 20 55564585
Importer : Zynek Technologies Co.,Ltd

For this new-built large superstore in 
Retail / Chain Store 
A Large Chain Gas Station in Singapore
Exxon Mobil is one of the biggest Petroleum companies around the world. It has been in service in Singapore for over 100 years, leading over 80 chain gas stations in Singapore. The high quality of petroleum wins Exxon a great numbers of custome...
A Resort constuction Site in Bali
We arrange a total solution for a resort in Bali to monitor its construction site. The wide range of the site makes it difficult to supply electricity to the surveillance system though cables, so it is generated from solar panel and wind turbin...
Twin Royal Pagodas in Thailand
The twin royal pagodas (Naphamethinidon and Naphaphonphumisiri) are located in the Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Established in 1987and 1992, they are elected as one of the must-visit places in Thailand by tourists.
Retail / Chain Store 
A 550-chain-stores Enterprise in Thailand
This large-scale chain store has 550 branch stores. Each store has basic CCTV devices for surveillance. In the headquarters, managers can check the operation of each store and get videos of Playback events. If there are systemic abnormal events ...
Education / School 
San Beda College in Philippines
AVTECH arranges a surveillance system applying to different environment for a school in Philippines, involving AVM561, AVM571, AVM552C, AVM542, and AVN420, one hundred and seventy two advanced IP cameras and eleven AVH516 in total.

Commercial / Residential Area 
Country : VIENTNAM
Address : 75 Quan Su, Ward 11, Dist.11, HCM City
Phone : (08) 38314181
Importer : AVTECH products Agent of SONG NHAC in VN.

Established in1982, Tan H...
Maechan Police Station
Country : THAILAND
SI Partner : Chiangrai Professional Group limited partnership
Address : 655/12 Uttarakit Road, Muang, Chiang Rai 57000
Phone : 053-600666
Importer : Zynek Technologies Co.,Ltd

In this case...
Plastic Packaging Factory
This factory is a well-known plastic factory which specializes in manufacturing all kinds of plastic products in Indonesia. In this case, we have installed AVN420 in the storehouse and the office. With Solid Light, it is suitable for dark enviro...
Education / School 
An Academic Institute in New Zealand
It is an academic institute in New Zealand aiming at providing their students not only quality education but also a safe environment to study in. To reach the goal, we AVTECH present a perfect surveillance system including cameras AVM542A, AVP54...
Retail / Chain Store 
Hypermarket in Taiwan
AVTECH designed a surveillance system for the well-know hypermarket in Taiwan, that is 81 high-class cameras including AVM521A, AVM583, AVM552C, and AVP552B camera and AVH516A (NVR), making 128 channels available in total and the rest channels (...
Commercial / Residential Area 
Four-star Camping Resort in Czech Republic
Sedmihorky (Autocamp) is a four-star camping resort in Czech Republic. It provides various accommodation options such as villa, chalet and tent. Various recreational areas like lake, beach, farms, athletic field and playground make Sedmihorky th...
Retail / Chain Store 
Famous Chain Restaurant in Singapore
Our client wants to monitor each store at the same time through a simple system, so we plan to install a DG1016(16CH) and a AVT553A at the counter, 6 DG105A outside and 9 DG104A inside the store.

DG1016 has special features such as “E...
Commercial / Residential Area 
Global Telecommunications Company in Malaysia
This company is a global telecommunications company providing mobile voice, Internet and digital services to 11 million customers in Malaysia. It is committed to driving Malaysia's growth by building a mobile Internet environment that enables in...
Retail / Chain Store 
Coffee shop chain
Coffee shop chain in Taipei,Taiwan

Do not know how the business is going now or whether the employers work hardly

What do you need
A me...
Retail / Chain Store 
Plaza Bali in Indonesia
Plaza Bali is located at Sockarno-Hatta International Airport. It has been in operation since 1991. PLAZABALI is a duty-free shop known for it’s unique experience while combining vigorous Bali culture and a comfortable, relaxing shopping experie...
Commercial / Residential Area 
Vietnam Times City
Times City is a project comprising luxury apartments, business centers, parks and schools in Honoi, Vietnam. Since this project covers a large area with different public and private facilities, the existence of a reliable surveillance system is ...
Commercial / Residential Area 
Harmony Hotel
Harmony Hotel is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and just built in 2014. They want surveillance system with high quality and easy installation. Owing to the limited budget, they need an economic surveillance solution to reach high performance security....
Commercial / Residential Area 
Lithuanian Parking Garage in a Residential Building
This new community is consisted of two luxury buildings, which is located in golden mile and occupied by political and business elites. Each of them are separated into 12 floors and needed to be installed surveillance system for fighting crime a...
Commercial / Residential Area 
AVTECH Skyscraper Solution
The skyscrapers usually combine financial center, company offices and shopping areas together as a commercial building with the facilities and service of highest level. However, few of them remain the analog surveillance devices. For creating a ...
Retail / Chain Store 
Czech Shopping Mall
This is a well-known shopping mall with 7 branches in different cities in Czech Republic. The areas needed to be monitored are including shopping zone, surrounding mall, elevators and underground parking garage. Parts of the main entrances are r...
Lebanon Hospital
This is a famous heart hospital in Lebanon just opened up and needed to be installed complete surveillance system. The hospital was looking for a stable, continuous, smooth IP-based video solution providing high image quality and keeping the rec...
Commercial / Residential Area 
Myanmar National Guest Hotels
The Myanmar National Guest Hotels, located in the new metropolis of Myanmar, covers vast area with a main entrance and is divided into four buildings with long distance apart. Considering that it provides service to the major government official...
Commercial / Residential Area 
The Big Telecom Company Ranked in the Asian Top 10
We are one of the top 10 telecom companies in Asia formed in 2000 through the merger of three corporations with several commercial buildings equipped a whole analog system. In recent years, the system has been getting too old to use and is neede...
Retail / Chain Store 
Dubai Chain Restaurant
This modern chain restaurant extended about 60 branches all over Dubai. They needed a total surveillance solution to guard their stores. The monitored areas needed to be focused of those independent running branches were about 4 to 8, such as ca...
Retail / Chain Store 
Czech Chain Hotel
This hotel is a famous chained business hotel, located in Jundrově, Brno. It has 20 business rooms, a 15.2m­‐sized restaurant, and a parking lot. The system structure shall be easy to install and manage, the simpler as traditional analog CCTV sy...

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