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Full Redundancy
Users could build a solid surveillance system with AVTECH redundant solutions consisting of a switch, networking cable, HDD, recorder, power adaptor and fan.

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User-friendly Camera Configuration via DVR OSD
AVTECH HD CCTV cameras have their own setting menu for more advanced configurations, and the setting menu could be accessed easily via AVTECH HD CCTV DVR OSD.

IVA – Flow Counting
Shop owners are able to know customer visit count per day using Flow Counting built-in in the camera. Regular reports and analysis could later be generated by CMS for labor and promotion evaluation.

POS System
POS could be integrated with CMS, allowing shop owners to check selling video according to each POS record if necessary.

Abnormal events detection
(Current / CO2 / PH/ water level sensors)

CMS could integrate with current, CO2, PH and water level sensors via the AVX950 control box to get Push Message for abnormal event detection. CMS will pop up the channel with an abnormal event, and at the same time, send messages to the smart phone of the factory’s director or related persons for notifications.

Access Privilege
For users like to share the access to the recording image, this function is your answer. You can invite others to view the video. What’s more, you can separately set up the time limit of the access for different users through DVR or even through smart phones. Easily, you can do the sharing through only few simple steps.

Production line monitoring
Monitor operators in each product line, and send abnormal event notifications to the CMS and manager’s smart phone when any operator leaves for 3 minutes.

Smart Recording
When there’s no event, the video is recorded at lower resolution / quality / IPS. When an event occurs, the recording will automatically switch to higher resolution / quality / IPS. This effectively saves hard disk capacity and keep high-quality evidence.

Free P2P Cloud EaZy Networking

EaZy Networking is a free P2P cloud service to connect AVTECH devices to the Internet automatically by plug-and-play, enabling you to check the live view via your mobile device at any time. This service is enclosed in our mobile app, EagleEyes, and you can easily configure your device to the internet on your smart phone / tablet. 

This service is free and the transmission speed of your video might be affected by the number of online users who are using this service simultaneously. To obtain stable transmission, it’s recommended to purchase our data plan of 1GB, 7GB, 50GB and 200GB via EagleEyes. Each device will enclose a 2GB data plan for a free trial.

AVH364 Disk Array
AVH364 is specially designed for users looking for a solution carrying less than 64CH such as a residential building, office, and factory. It's capable of 64CH live display on single monitor, providing 64CH TV Wall with live surveillance and basic functions like search, playback and backup. No need to go through PC and CMS software. Users can install up to 10 hard disks to build 4 recording modules, allowing users to configure different recording settings. What’s more, AVH364 is equipped with 16CH Push Video, “pushing” video clips to users’ mobile devices when intrusion events (e.g. PIR, door switch alarm) take place.

HDM02 64CH TV Wall is exclusively designed for users looking for a solution carrying less than 64CH. It is compatible with 1080i/60 devices and allows 64CH real-time live display efficiently by hardware decoding on HDM02. Also, users are saved from complex installation. The above characteristics make HDM02 64CH TV Wall a perfect program with high cost-performance ratio for consumers.

Push Video Alarm I/O Camera
AVTECH Push Video IP camera series can be used to combine multiple sensors via its alarm I/O to build an alarm system. The alarm system not only sends text messages but video clips to users’ mobile devices to inform them alarm events. The system can be applied to elderly caring, humidity control, CO2 control, access control, intrusion monitoring, and flood detection.

CMS Lite

CMS-Lite, the 24CH free software, is exclusively designed for monitoring multiple spots remotely. Common applications are chain stores and branch offices. Users can easily use functions such as live view, playback and backup with this software installed on a normal laptop. For advanced central control application, AVTECH provides you with 64CH CMS-Standard and 96CH CMS-Professional. What’s more, there are 16CH EagleEyesHD and 4CH EagleEyes for remote surveillance through tablets and mobile phones.

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≧30 Days Recording
This standalone storage solution is able to fulfill the demand of high storage capacity to preserve video footage more than 30 days. It could be an 10-bay NVR with RAID5, or an AVTECH recorder with an eSATA interface built-in to connect to a 10-bay disk array, AVX992 or AVX997 with RAID5.

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eco IP Cameras
The Eco-ip series is equipped with the DSP solution from prestigious providers in The States, providing the best image compression quality. Users can enjoy excellent video quality even in the bandwidth-limited environment (e.g. wireless transmission) or the Internet remote central surveillance. With AVTECH unique Solid Sight IR technology, the eco-ip series presents clear video even at nights.

Seamless Recording
When the NVR and IP cameras are disconnected, the recording task will switch to the cameras, and the recordings are saved to the microSD cards of the cameras. When the NVR and IP cameras are re-connected, the recordings saved in the microSD cards will transfer to the NVR and save in the hard disks without changing the original recordng time. Users could still search the recordings they want by time on the NVR.

Failover System
A proportion of FOS NVRs will be assigned as failover servers to the whole surveillance system. Usually 1 FOS NVR shall be worked with 7 NVRs. When any of the NVRs is down, the FOS NVR will soon take over all the works the NVR was doing to keep the whole system working properly. Users could be notified of this take-over event by checking the health check on CMS, and take necessary actions.

Gate Keeper
Get video notifcation within 5 seconds on your smart phone or CMS PC when anyone tries to access or enter your important gate or area, such as a warehouse, room for safety deposit boxes and bank coffer.

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Shop Watcher
Get video notifcations within 5 seconds on your smart phone or CMS PC when any sensor triggers an alarm-in event of AVTECH IP camera or recorder. You can also connect to different alarm sensors, such as a wireless PIR door sensor kit, flood sensor, temperature sensor and smoke sensor, to build another alarm system and receive special alarm notifications.

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The AVTECH Ezum™ series includes the following types: Motorized vari-focal, motorized pan, and PTZ. The best advantage of the Ezum™ series is simple installation. At the camera site, all you need to do is to finish its installation and aim the camera at where it’s supposed to monitor. The rest of the work such as focal length and focus adjustments could be done remotely on DVR, mobile APP “EagleEyes” or CMS Software “CMS-Lite” with its user-friendly control icons.

IR Speed Dome
To meet the IR PTZ needs for different surveillance scale, AVTECH provides users two total solutions. For the small-scaled case such as outdoor parking lots, there is an USB joystick going with the free recording software, 24CH CMS Lite. As for the large-scaled case such as shopping malls, there is an USB joystick going with 96CH CMS Professional, NVR /TVI DVR , and several IP or TVI IR speed dome cameras.

AI Implement on XVR
The AI-based video detection algorithms are processed at the recorder side, not at the AI-enabled IP camera side or CMS site. Only one AI XVR and any cameras can realize the advanced detection functions.

Real Time Remote Backup
Want to review the recorded video? On Smart TVI DVR, users can decide the interval and back up the video at will. The interval can be as long as a week or as short as an hour. From Monday to Sunday, 24/7, do the backup according to your needs.

Spot Monitor

In addition to the main display via the HDMI output, you can also assign a secondary display to show live view, call monitor or event monitor via the VGA or composite output. 

  • Live view: Specify how many channels to display.
  • Call monitor: Set the sequence time and display each channel one by one.
  • Event monitor: Display only when an event occurs. You can configure how many more seconds you'd like to see before and after the event, helping you to see how the whole event starts and ends. 

Video Demo

AVTECH CMS software, “TRIDENT”, is a powerful system designed for all-scale projects. Global monitoring and control become so easy and efficient with its e-Map configuration and instant event pop-up display.

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Motorized Pan
With the built-in motorized lens, the camera can achieve a wide range of view, giving users more comprehensive control over the monitored site.

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Hot Point
- Center the target -
Appropriately zoom in. The surveillance area is repositioned with the point you clicked in the center.

- Zoom in the target -
Lock the target area by a touch with your finger. The selected surveillance area will be zoomed in on the screen.

Crystal Image
- Energy Saving -
Although there are piles of 2 megapixel cameras in the market, they don't guarantee the same quality! Crystal Image IP cameras produce true HD video, giving sharper, clearer, brightly colored images for identifying more details. At the same time, the bit rate will not go as high as you think. Efficient compression ratio developed by AVTECH shows high quality video while requiring relatively low bandwidth/storage.

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The simplest all-in-one IP camera. For small scale use, such as office buildings, hotels and residence. This camera series features powerful mobile surveillance, especially the sending of active event notifications with video playback to iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and other Android devices with our free mobile app, EagleEyes, installed. It keeps an eye on the thing or area important for you and never gets asleep.

To extend the application of the camera to home automation or alarm emphasis, an I/O port is provided to connect external devices. Furthermore, this camera series can work well with our NVR series to save all your event recordings for later checking.

The EagleEyes software will fulfill all your remote surveillance desire through simply touch control on the phone screen. No matter where you are and what time it is, as long as your iPhone/ iPad/ Android phone is able to connect to the internet, you will be able to directly access to AVTECH’s products.

Push Video
Push Video series features powerful mobile surveillance, especially active event notification systems with video playback on iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and other Android devices. Once our free mobile app, EagleEyes, is installed, you'll be able to receive notifications within 5 seconds right after the event occurrence, and to see what happened. Push Video series keeps an eye on the your properties and never gets asleep.

EaZy Setup
The way to build a surveillance system has changed! AVTECH makes you experience HD video quality with the least effort to upgrade your CCTV system to IP-based video surveillance. A unique function, totally different from what you know about IP-based products. With it, NVR will automatically connect to IP cameras, and no need to make any special settings. As a result, NVR is easy to set up as DVR.

Solid Light
- Advanced Smart Light Control -
When an object is close to the camera during night time, Solid Light will sense it and automatically control the amount of light to avoid over-exposure.

Longer IR Effective Distancel
Solid Light is able to produce stronger lighting under IR Enhance mode than traditional IR LEDs. It enhances the overall picture brightness and reaches longer distance in a dark environment.

- Longer LED Lifetime -
Solid Light applies special circuit design to avoid overheat and uses a heat sink to dissipate heat from LED more quickly. LED lifetime can last for 3 years with Solid Light design.

- Reducing the costs of upgrading -
With PoC switch, you could upgrade to IP system with the existing coaxial cables for reducing the costs.

- Integrated Coaxial Cable -
Power, audio, video and RS485 cables are combined for transmitting over one coaxial cable.

- Long Distance Solution -
While general IP video transmits for only 100m, AVTECH PoC Converter extends the transmission distance to 200m.

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ETS (Event Trigger System)
E.T.S is the abbreviation for Event Trigger System, which is a new notification system that brings faster and more precise detection with the help of human detectors or external alarm devices. It is self-evident that the false alarm rate of the system simply using motion detection is relatively high, compared with E.T.S, and it causes a waste of HDD capacity. AVTECH knows your demands and launches E.T.S series NVRs and IP Cameras to make surveillance more accurate and efficient.

HD Quality
AVTECH solution enables you to upgrade your surveillance system easily, which brings you clear images for video recording and playback. We support 1920*1080 REAL Full HD display service, giving the best image quality on LCD / LED monitors.

Push Status
Users could immediately get notified of all abnormal system events for their surveillance systems (such as video loss, system being unlucked, no hard disk, etc.) from their smart phones by the function of Push Status.

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PoC technology without rewiring
With AVX912R6 (6CH PoC Converter) and AVP IP camera series, the whole system setup could be completed quickly by using existing coaxial cables. Upgrading the existing CCTV system to HD system is just that simple and cost-effective.

Virtual fence
Set a virtual line as a fence in the confidential or restricted area to detect for unauthorized visits and get event pop-up in CMS for notifications.

Integrated with an Intercom system, the visitor’s able to talk to the security guard of the building for entry permission while the guard could also see his / her visit on CMS.

Access control
Integrated with the access control system, the employees’ data will be transferred to and logged in the CMS for access and attendance record.

License Plate Recognition
The access gate of the parking lot will open automatically when the license plate is recognized and confirmed as registered in the CMS.

Emergency call
When all nurses leave the nursing station, in case any patient presses the emergency button, nurses could still see who needs help from their smart phones and go to the specific ward ASAP.

Radiation detection
An X-ray leakage detector is connected to the system to monitor if there’s excessive leakage of radiation, and an alarm popup shows in CMS for notifications.

Multiple live view
The hospital management team and security guards are able to check every location in the hospital or look for abnormal events from the remote site via CMS.

Dynamic monitoring
Pan / Tilt / Zoom available for security guards to regularly patrol multiple spots in the outer area of the hospital or the area near the emergency room.

Increase image recognizability in overexposure and dark areas.

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EaZy maintenance
CMS always keeps an eye to watch every connected NVR in the whole system and reports abnormal status. In case any replacement is needed, restoring system configurations is also quick and easy.

Stable & secure recording
All recording data could be saved securely in AVTECH stand-alone NVR without any worry of virus or hack attack.

Redundant system
The complete redundant and failover mechanism ensures continuous recording without interruption.

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HDD Redundancy (RAID5)
RAID5 is supported to be able to well-perserve video data when any hard disk is damaged or partially damaged. To change the hard disk, hot-swap is applicble without powering off the whole system.


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