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Enter the above IP address, port number, user name and password to log into our demo site.
When you log in, you will see the live display as shown below.
  Each channel of Ezum™ demo site:

CH1: AVT1105 2MP camera
CH2: Traditional camera, resolution 960*480
CH3: DGC1306 2MP camera with motorized vari-focal lens of f2.8 ~ f8.0mm
CH4: AVT503SA 2MP camera with motorized pan

Enjoy the key features of AVTECH.
Features you can use:
1. TVI 1080P high resolution:
Compare CH1 with CH2. The image of CH1 is obviously sharper and clearer.
i. HD‐TVI 1080P Digital Zoom:   ii. Traditional Analog D1 Digital Zoom
2.EaZy Zoom:
Users can zoom in / out camera images optically via our mobile app, EagleEyes. Let's see the view of Nangang Exhibition Center.
  3. EaZy Pan:
The camera lens could be moved to every angle you want via our mobile app, EagleEyes. Let's take a look at our break room.
4. Push Video:
Enable Push Video. When the PIR sensor of CH4 detects someone, the system will send notifications to your mobile phone immediately, and you can check video playback.
5. Playback :
You can see 4 channels playback at the same time.
  Video Search & Backup
Hold and slide the device to the right to show the three icons:

When you select a single channel to see, you'll be able to edit the footage.
To know more details, please refer to "Search & Backup by Event".
  1. Search by Calendar
2. Search & Backup by Event
3. IVS Statistics
6. IVS features:
You can set the function of flow counting, virtual fence or one way to measure the amount of people based on your need.
Video Demo:
1. Motorized vari‐focal and pan:
2. Push Video:
3. PlayBack :‐2c
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