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Hot Spring Resort
For the heated and humid surveillance environment, AVTECH provide you with distinct products with “Defog” function. The product can be easily applied to the environment of high temperature and humidity and ensure you good recording quality.
Education / Campus Safety Guard System
AVTECH provides solutions to meet the relatively high requirement of campus security day and night, keeping the staff, students from intruders.

AVTECH learned about the safety concerns from the students’ families, and the solut...
Chain Store Surveillance
AVTECH has packaged solutions for Chain stores, including

1.Video surveillance: High quality image for monitoring cashier, entrance ,and other important areas.

2.Staff Management: A Simple attendance system combines acc...
AVTECH designs an inclusive program containing specific functions for warehouse and logistics business, including WDR, PoE , Abnormal Events Detection, Access Control System to meet our users’ needs.
Parking Lot
We AVTECH always do our best to meet our customers’ needs. In this case, we specially designed a package to reach the goal of automated management, lowering cost of labor, and preventive surveillance. Cameras equipped with WDR will prevent overe...
For banks, we specially offer a solution to serve the needs for strict surveillance. Equipped with functions such as WDR and Solid Light, it can go with recorders to do Failover, Seamless Recording, and Auto Backup to FTP / External HDD, making ...
Shopping Malls
For shopping malls, we specially offer a solution to serve the needs for large-scale surveillance. Concerning the environment, we combine functions such as WDR, Flow Counting, and External I/O to provide a perfect package meeting the practical r...
This new-built hospital needs to be installed surveillance system to handle the condition of patients and enhance the security. For immediately handling the emergency situation, the owner required an emergency button set in the wards for patient...
Supermarket Chain Store
The international convenient store chains wanted to implement a high-quality video surveillance system instead of existing analog surveillance system to avoid shoplifting. For making the business better, the shop owner hopes to know the customer...
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