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Success Story

Here are the success stories and cases with AVTECH total solutions.

Global Telecommunications Company in Malaysia      


This company is a global telecommunications company providing mobile voice, Internet and digital services to 11 million customers in Malaysia. It is committed to driving Malaysia's growth by building a mobile Internet environment that enables instant connection, creating socio-economic development, and spurring national businesses to prosper. The company continues to serve as a game-changer in Malaysian telecommunications industry with a glorious history of innovative products and services while maintaining a leader in the field.

In the case, we install 24 AVM428D, 8 of them under the rainshed and the others in the shop. These 24 AVM428D are equipped with multiple specific functions. For instance, AVM428D supports PoE, allowing a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices, making charging the cameras without plugging in the power cord possible. AVM428D can also be connected to external alarm I/O device. For instance, cameras near the door can be connected with door sensor or PIR sensor. If anyone invades during closing time, AVM428D will send a notification to user’s smart phone via Push Video. What’s more it can be connected to smoke detector. It will send notification to user’s phone after detecting smoke.

Additionally, we build an apparatus room to accommodate AVH516A, 16CH NVR, AVH408P, 8CH NVR and a monitor. We use HDM02 to combine the screens of 2 NVR and AVX916R to extend the signal to the counter for real-time surveillance. Users can also use our application, Eagle Eyes, to monitor and control the cameras and NVRs remotely.

We AVTECH only use few kinds of devices to show our profession on surveillance. We are confident and proud to provide you with a reliable working partner that ensures you a strictly safe environment.

System diagram    

The EagleEyes software will fulfill all your remote surveillance desire through simply touch control on the phone screen. No matter where you are and what time it is, as long as your iPhone/ iPad/ Android phone is able to connect to the internet, you will be able to directly access to AVTECH’s products.

Push Video
Push Video series features powerful mobile surveillance, especially active event notification systems with video playback on iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and other Android devices. Once our free mobile app, EagleEyes, is installed, you'll be able to receive notifications within 5 seconds right after the event occurrence, and to see what happened. Push Video series keeps an eye on the your properties and never gets asleep.

Push Video Alarm I/O Camera
AVTECH Push Video IP camera series can be used to combine multiple sensors via its alarm I/O to build an alarm system. The alarm system not only sends text messages but video clips to users’ mobile devices to inform them alarm events. The system can be applied to elderly caring, humidity control, CO2 control, access control, intrusion monitoring, and flood detection.

Related Products    

Model No. 
Product image 
IR Effective Distance 
f3.8mm / F1.5 Up to 10 meters

Model No. 
Recording Format 
Video Output 
Up to 120 IPS @ </br>2048 x 1536, 48 Mbps</br>Up to 120 IPS @ 1920x1080, 48Mbps 2 HDDs8CH
Up to 480 IPS @ 1920x1080, Up to 120Mbps Three 4TB hard disks16CH

Model No. 
Product image 
Product name 
Product specification 
HD Video ExtenderThis converter is used to extend the full HD transmission distance up to 100 meters with a RG-6 coaxial cable. Also, the control signals from the USB mouse / keyboard, and IR remote control are able to be transferred. Users may install the NVR in the machine room and set the monitor in the security center locally. They do not need to have another computer in the security center for remote NVR access.
Full HD MatrixThis full HD matrix is able to combine up to 4 HDMI signals to a single HDMI display with control. To have one more display with control, an optional lHD video extender, AVX916R, could be used.

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