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Full HD MatrixThis full HD matrix is able to combine up to 4 HDMI signals to a single HDMI display with control. To have one more display with control, an optional lHD video extender, AVX916R, could be used.

HDM02 64CH TV Wall is exclusively designed for users looking for a solution carrying less than 64CH. It is compatible with 1080i/60 devices and allows 64CH real-time live display efficiently by hardware decoding on HDM02. Also, users are saved from complex installation. The above characteristics make HDM02 64CH TV Wall a perfect program with high cost-performance ratio for consumers.

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Lebanon Hospital This is a famous heart hospital in Lebanon just opened up and needed to be installed complete surveillance system. The hospital was looking for a stable, continuous, smooth IP-based video solution providing high image quality and keeping the recording for 30 days. Furthermore, the guards in the control center needed to view the live video and to be... View
Hospital This new-built hospital needs to be installed surveillance system to handle the condition of patients and enhance the security. For immediately handling the emergency situation, the owner required an emergency button set in the wards for patient to press while crisis happening. And the nursing station on each floors must be able to monitor everywhe... View
Plaza Bali in Indonesia Plaza Bali is located at Sockarno-Hatta International Airport. It has been in operation since 1991. PLAZABALI is a duty-free shop known for it’s unique experience while combining vigorous Bali culture and a comfortable, relaxing shopping experience inside the airport. A variety of duty-free goods and friendly multilingual services will provide tour... View
Harmony Hotel Harmony Hotel is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and just built in 2014. They want surveillance system with high quality and easy installation. Owing to the limited budget, they need an economic surveillance solution to reach high performance security.<br /><br />This hotel has total 11 floors with a luxury opened swimming pool on the hotel attic, a main ... View
Vietnam Times City Times City is a project comprising luxury apartments, business centers, parks and schools in Honoi, Vietnam. Since this project covers a large area with different public and private facilities, the existence of a reliable surveillance system is highly important, and AVTECH has the honor to be chosen to guard the whole city.
<br /><br />
AVTECH prod...
Global Telecommunications Company in Malaysia This company is a global telecommunications company providing mobile voice, Internet and digital services to 11 million customers in Malaysia. It is committed to driving Malaysia's growth by building a mobile Internet environment that enables instant connection, creating socio-economic development, and spurring national businesses to prosper. The c... View
Plastic Packaging Factory This factory is a well-known plastic factory which specializes in manufacturing all kinds of plastic products in Indonesia. In this case, we have installed AVN420 in the storehouse and the office. With Solid Light, it is suitable for dark environment and is able to automatically control the amount of light to avoid over-exposure. For production lin... View
San Beda College in Philippines AVTECH arranges a surveillance system applying to different environment for a school in Philippines, involving AVM561, AVM571, AVM552C, AVM542, and AVN420, one hundred and seventy two advanced IP cameras and eleven AVH516 in total.<br /><br />
In the Server Room, there are eleven AVH516 NVR, three HDM02, and three monitors supporting a strong surve...
New-built large superstore in Laos Country : Laos<br />
SI Partner : Total IT Solution<br />
Address : Savannakhet, Laos<br />
Phone : +856 20 55564585<br />
Importer : Zynek Technologies Co.,Ltd<br /><br />

For this new-built large superstore in&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 14.6667px;">Laos</span>, we arranged a total solution consists of HD CCTV products, AVT450,&nbsp;AVT420, DG1...

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