The AVTECH WiFi surveillance solution is simple and easy to install, and suitable for small-sized shops, factories and homes to have 4CH ~ 8CH video surveillance.

Solution Features

Solution Features

Lower efforts to install & manage cables

This could save a lot of efforts to set up the whole system wirelessly. The physical connection from network cameras to the recorder no longer exists but the whole system still functions well without impairing the shop decoration.

Extended Wireless Transmission Area

A WiFi extender or repeater is included in this solution to extend the coverage area of your wireless network in case any wireless camera has to be installed in an area with weak wireless signals.

Indoor & Outdoor 24/7 Surveillance

Outdoor use 

IP66 supported, suitable for outdoor use even when the weather is not ideal, such as windy or raining.

Video recording

Video recording is available with the microphone built-in in or additionally connected to the AVTECH cameras.

H.265 1080P High Quality Video

As a professional video surveillance manufacturer for more than 20 years, AVTECH only chooses the best video technology to offer high video quality. This solution uses the H.265 compression format to maximize the storage capacity without sacrificing the video quality.

Video Surveillance via Mobile Phone or Tablet

  • EaZy Networking
    For quick internet setup and access, EaZy Networking is provided. By scanning the QR code, your recorder will be connected to the internet in just a few seconds and is ready for access via your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Multiple channels management
    The AVTECH mobile app, EagleEyes, allows users to combine different single channels from different recorders into one profile. When the profile is chosen, users are able to see the live feed from those channels at once.

  • Video backup & share
    Video backup directly to your phone / tablet is available with EagleEyes, and you can share the backup video to messaging apps such as Line or What’s App.


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