To protect children and every guest visiting the shopping malls, the AVTECH solution includes face recognition and smart search. We can also help you customize the appearance of our porducts to better fit our surveillane system into the decoration of shopping malls. For the parking garage and mall entrance, cameras with WDR will be used to capture details without overexposure. What’s more, with powerful video streaming capability, multiple sites monitoring is simply effortless.

Solution Features

Solution Features

3D Counting

By using the advanced video analysis technology, it’s quick and easy to know the current number of people in the malls, more accurate & real-time than the counting at the entrance.

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Parking Garage Monitoring

PTZ cameras can be used to cruise in 360° among specified points with different angles and zoom ratios for large area monitoring. The cameras can also be worked with alarm devices to configure the camera move to where the alarm device is triggered for security guards to check what happens. For the intersections in the parking garage, a camera with WDR should be used to ensure everything including license plate numbers in video recording is still clear even when the car headlights are on.

Customized Surveillance for Different Sites

Sub monitoring centers can be set and located at many places as needed by using the AVTECH CMS software & AVTECH recorders which support multicast. The AVTECH CMS software allows to create different access permissions for different access accounts for privacy control.

Suspicious Visitors Tracking

For the shopping malls which have high ceiling designs running from the roof down to the ground floor to create an open & spacious feeling, PTZ cameras with 20X or 30X optical zoom ratio can be used to do routine cruise or track suspicious visitors when needed.

Discreet Cruising around Malls

As the concept of drone cruising is getting popular, the AVTECH solution for shopping malls is using this concept to allow mall cruising in a discreet and hard-to-be-discovered way unlike the drone which is easy to be discovered.
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Lost Children Finding

For lost children who are too small to turn to someone for help, the face recognition system can be used to track where he/she’s been in the mall and find where he/she is now.

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Success Story

Success Story

Landmark Skyscraper in Taiwan

This skyscraper combines financial centers, company offices and shopping areas together as a commercial building with the facilities and service of highest level

Outlet near International Airport in Taiwan

This outlet is using the smart video analysis such as 3D counting and parking lot solution AVTECH offers to ensure all visitors have comfortable shopping experiences.

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Shopping Mall in Iran

Over 1000 cameras are installed in the mall with AVTECH CMS Pro to manage and control what’s going on around the whole mall.



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