AVTECH can work with local private security companies to integrate our surveillance solution with their security systems to offer the smart video analysis and active event notification mechanism. The security guards are able to determine the current situation in a very short time and take actions if needed when an event event occurs by being audio-notified and visually confirming with the pop-up video playback. This can prevent the waste of time to physically be there to check what happens everytime when an alarm event occurs.

Solution Features

Solution Features

Integrated with Current Local Security Systems to Push Events

The AVTECH alarm system software, AVlytics, is a software module which can be integrated with the monitoring software used by private security firms to push a variety of events and maintenance signals.

Smart Image Identification

Basic Anomalies Detected

The software, AVlytics, is able to preliminary identify the motion objects in a video to see whether a moving object is "Human" (full shape of a human being), "Human Presence" (part of a human being), "Background" (scene change), "Animal", "Vegetation" (tree moving) and other interferences. It helps to determine the source that triggers an event and prevent the waste of time to physically be where the event is taking place to confirm.

Intelligent Video Analysis

The software, AVlytics, is able to learn and analyze human movements to get the result among certain kinds of behavior such as loitering, speeding, fence breaching or intrusion, cross line detection and object tracking.


This software is able to differentiate usual human behavior from loitering and notify the security guards to pay more attention.

Object tracking

This software predicts and tracks one object (people or vehicles) on various cameras as it moves between cameras.
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Speed tracking

This software is able to distinguish between normal speeds and unusual speeds of moving objects and send an alert when unusual speeds are detected such as a person running.
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Beam replacement

Any area which is marked as a detection area on the software will be on the watch and any human object entering that area will trigger an alert.
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Deeper Learning

This software can go further to learn based on the learnt behavior specified by the user such as loitering, detecting of unattended objects and dangerous body language, allowing the user to specify more about the movements in the video. The user can also specify an object or color to help identify targets in a crowd of people.
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Success Story

Success Story

Armed Response Companies in South Africa

So far there have been a few armed response companies in South Africa using the alarm softare, AVlytics, in their security systems for advanced intelligent surveillance.

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