AVTECH creates a broad range of high quality security solutions for all industries

Chain Store

The AVTECH solution for chain stores allows easy monitoring and management of multiple stores by using the powerful PC CMS software and the mobile app “EagleEyes”.


The AVTECH solution for hotels is able to offer not only professional surveillance systems as we always do but also stable wireless applications for hotel guests.


The AVTECH solution for banks is integrated with face recognition to help identify suspicious target and alert the security guard.

Apartment Buildings / Complexes

The AVTECH solution for apartment buildings / complexes is able to offer not only professional surveillance systems as we always do but also a complete package management mechanism by integrating IoT devices into our systems.

WiFi Surveillance for Small Business

The AVTECH Wireless solution is simple and easy to install, and suitable for small-sized shops, factories and homes to have 4CH ~ 8CH video surveillance.

Hospital & Health Institutions

For some areas which require to monitor every staff's entry and gain his / her basic health assessment, the AVTECH solution for hospital & health institutions is integrated with the latest access control system.

Manufacturing Plants

The AVTECH solution for factories offers a thorough monitoring covering the whole plants, production lines, high-voltage equipment & environments.

Shopping Malls

To protect children and every guest visiting the shopping malls, the AVTECH solution includes face recognition and smart search.


The AVTECH solution for museums offers face recognition and flow counting to control and ensure the comfort of the visiting.


In addition to the security of the crop and farms, the AVTECH solution for agriculture can also integrate with the video analysis system, external sensors and automatic sprinkler system.

Construction Sites

The AVTECH solution for construction sites offers smart video analysis and instant notification mechanism.

Fitness Centers & Gyms

By integrating the IoT devices into the AVTECH solution for fitness centers & gyms, the staff will know what heppened to their clients and respond quickly if any incidents occur.


The AVTECH solution for airports offers reliable and thorough video backup and redundancy mechanism by using RAID, failover and seamless recording.

Train Stations & Metro

To ensure the safety of tourists and employees, the AVTECH solution for train stations & metro is able to help identifying suspicious baggage and monitor each platoform.

Cloud Storage

The cloud storage solution that AVTECH offers is capable of multiple sites monitoring, video storage and video streaming encryption to prevent any unthorized attempts of access.


To avoid disputes in casinos, the AVTECH solution includes high zoom ratio and megapixel-level cameras for evidentiary recording. Face recognition is also an inevitable function for casinos to identity the persons who are listed as VIP or unwelcomed guests.


To ensure the safety of students, parents and employees of the education institutions, the AVTECH solution offers face recognition, smart video analysis, IoT sensor integration & instant notifications of Push Video. For small children, parents do not need to worry about their safety because they’ll be well protected since the moment of stepping out and back home.

Cyber Defender

The cyber defender solution is especially designed for CCTV surveillance to encrypt all video streaming, suitable for goverment agencies, banks and companies/enterprises to block any unauthorized access.

Private Security

AVTECH can work with local private security companies to integrate our surveillance solution with their security systems to offer the smart video analysis and active event notification mechanism.



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