The AVTECH solution for hotels is able to offer not only professional surveillance systems as we always do but also stable wireless applications for hotel guests. Along with the integrated IoT smart devices, whether having a business trip or leisure trip, all hotel guests can feel safe and easy around every corner in the hotel, enjoying the customized service just for them. To ensure safety for hotel guests and staff, the solution is able to lock any suspicious target on the lobby and notify related staff to respond as soon as possible.

Solution Features

Solution Features



Use cameras with true WDR to balance and get clear visibility despite the fact that the hotel entrance area might have different or extreme light levels especially at the day time. Every guest and his / her belongings / luggage will be clearly recorded since the moment he / her goes in.
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Spot Monitor

A secondary monitor is placed at the hotel entrance to display the live feed of the entrance only, ensuring the hotel guests while preventing potential criminal intentions from being carried out.
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It’s quite usual to see hotel guests leaving their personal belongings or luggage in the lobby. With AVTECH’s video analysis algorithm, the system is capable of detecting what’s left by the guests and notify related staff to respond immediately; the system can also be used to detect any suspicious object in the hotel lobby for safety.
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360° seamless monitoring

To be able to monitor the grand lobby in the hotel covering every angle, a 360° fisheye camera is used.
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* The microphone and speaker built-in to the fisheye camera are optional.


Corridor / Hallway

Corridor mode

The camera with the vertical corridor mode is able to change the monitoring mode from the traditional horizontal mode to the vertical mode. This helps to monitor the area which is long and narrow, centering and enlarging the surveillance area to the corridor but not the surrounding walls.
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In additional to the main function of video capture, the camera can also be used as an access point for hotel guests to connect to the wireless network. The cost for deploying WiFi AP can be saved.
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Bathroom / Swimming Pool / SPA Room

The system is integrated with panic buttons for any emergency matters. When the hotel guests need any help in the bathroom, at the swimming pool or in the SPA room, press this button and the nearest hotel staff / manager will immediately come to you to help after receiving notifications or Push Video.


Other Public Areas

For other public areas in the hotel, such as elevators or library, the camera with a f2.8mm lens will be used for wide angle monitoring.
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If you need audio recording, smoke detection or emergency buttons, you can connect the related accessories directly to our AVM or AVT camera series to use.

Success Story

Success Story

Luxury Hotel , Germany

This case is a system integration example between AVTECH and other brand’s VMS system. In this case, AVTECH high-end IP cameras, AVM561 (IR bullet) and AVM521 (IR dome) are chosen to guard this hotel.

Four-star Camping Resort, Czech Republic

Sedmihorky (Autocamp) is a four-star camping resort in Czech Republic. It provides various accommodation options such as villa, chalet and tent. Various recreational areas like lake, beach, farms, athletic field and playground make Sedmihorky the best choice for vacation.

Branches of International Hotel Chain, Taiwan

Two branches of the international hotel chain are using more than 200 AVTECH cameras with our CMS PRO to monitor and manage every angle of the hotel.

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