To ensure the safety of students, parents and employees of the education institutions, the AVTECH solution offers face recognition, smart video analysis, IoT sensor integration & instant notifications of Push Video. For small children, parents do not need to worry about their safety because they’ll be well protected since the moment of stepping out and back home.

Solution Features

Solution Features

Locating School Bus

The AVTECH solution for schools is capable of locating the school bus your kid is on to ensure the bus is on its routine route and your kid will be delivered to school or home safety.

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Picking Up Children

 For picking up children at school, the AVTECH solution offers a mechanism to ensure the incoming person is registered to pick up his / her child. For the person who's not registered in the system, school teachers will be alerted and take necessary actions when needed.

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Monitoring Multiple Sites

Sub monitoring centers can be set and located at many places as needed by using the AVTECH CMS software & AVTECH recorders which support multicast. The AVTECH CMS software allows to create different access permissions for different access accounts for privacy control.

Guarding School Walls

The school walls are guarded by the AVTECH smart surveillance system. When the system detects any movement around the walls, the school guard will get notified immediately on his phone to make a response quickly. It's even better if the school security center is using the AVTECH CMS software to monitor every angle of the school; an alert will be pushed with audio on the monitor to tell the guard there's an alarm event and where it is.

Video Demo

Making Up Classes

Install a camera with a microphone built-in to face the blackboard in the classroom, and the AVTECH system will upload the class video to a specified path automatically after class for the students who missed the class to download and make up the class by themselves.

Success Story

Success Story

Elementary School at Taipei, Taiwan

This school is using the AVTECH solution for schools to deploy our smart guarding system on the school walls in case there's anyone trying to climb over the walls from outside.

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Elementary School at Taichung, Taiwan

This school is using the AVTECH TVI cameras and recorders to have clear vision on each side of the school, and the school guard will get notified on his mobile phone with video playback when anything unusual is detected.

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