The AVTECH solution for chain stores allows easy monitoring and management of multiple stores by using the powerful PC CMS software and the mobile app “EagleEyes”. Furthermore, by integrating with the video analysis and the POS systems, the management groups of chain stores are able to analyze consumer behaviors and adjust how the merchandise should be placed.

Solution Features

Solution Features


Use cameras with true WDR to balance and get clear visibility despite the fact that the entrance area of the chain stores might have different or extreme light levels especially at the day time. Every guest will be clearly recorded since the moment he / her goes in.
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Spot monitor
A secondary monitor is placed at the entrance to display the live feed of the entrance only, ensuring the guests while preventing potential criminal intentions from being carried out.
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Branch Store Management

Via mobile app, EagleEyes

For two to three stores management, the AVTECH mobile app, EagleEyes, can be used to see the live feed of different stores at the same time. For example, you can configure to see the live feed of counters in different stores simultaneously.

Via PC CMS software

For more than five stores management, the AVTCH CMS PRO software can be used to monitor all of the chain stores at the same time and search for specific events for playback if necessary.

Shelving and Aisles

The management groups of chain stores are able to know which product categories and aisles are the most-frequently visited with the help of the AVTECH hot spot technology. This helps a lot when they consider changing the shelving to increase sales profits.
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The POS system is integrated with the AVTECH surveillance system to record not only the checkout process but also the list of purchased items to avoid any disputes.
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Other Public Areas

360° seamless monitoring
To be able to monitor the whole shop covering every angle, a 360° fisheye camera is used.
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A speed dome camera is needed to periodically cruise the surrounding area where it’s installed for routine surveillance or manually rotate and zoom the camera to any suspicious place where catches your attention.
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Success Story

Success Story

Hypermarket in Taiwan

AVTECH designed a surveillance system for the well-know hypermarket in Taiwan, that is 81 high-class cameras including AVM521A, AVM583, AVM552C, and AVP552B camera and AVH516A (NVR), making 128 channels available in total and the rest channels (47) for further use.

Popular shopping malls in Australia

The POS system is integrated in the AVTECH solution for the manager to search each checkout log and pull out related videos.

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3C shopping malls in Turkey

It’s a famous chain store to sell 3C products in Turkey with approximately 2,500,000 guests per day. The chain store uses the AVTECH solution for multiple stores surveillance and management.

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