The AVTECH solution for banks is integrated with face recognition to help identify suspicious target and alert the security guard. For video data storage, backup and protection, this solution also includes long time recording and the RAID mechanism in case of a drive failure.

Solution Features

Solution Features

60-days Video Recording

8-bay video storage

For long time video storage, we have recorders which support up to 8 hard disks to record and save H.265 video data.
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External disk array connection via USB 3.0

For video recording and backup of 60 days or more, it's easy with the support of external disk array connection via the USB 3.0 or eSATA port and offsite backup.
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Suspicious Guests Detection

Guests with specific wearing (such as wearing a helmet or mask) will be detected when they walk in. The security guards will be notified by the system and pay extra attention to those guests.

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The transaction process on each counter is recorded to prevent any disputes by using megapixel-level cameras with suitable lenses (wide angle or narrow angle based on the need). Emergency buttons are also deployed and integrated with the AVTECH system. When an emergency alert is triggered, the system will notify the local police office and rotate the speed dome camera to where the button is deployed for evidentiary recording.

Multiple Sites Monitoring by CMS

The AVTECH CMS system is a powerful video management system to supervise a branch or every branch on the monitor from the headquarter office. Important video data from each branch (including ATM machines and counters) can also be configured to save a copy in the headquarter office.


360° Seamless Monitoring

To be able to monitor the grand lobby in the bank covering every angle, a 360° fisheye camera is used, saving the cost of installing more cameras in the lobby and giving the guests less pressure to know that they’re being watched.

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ATM Machine

A pinhole camera is installed inside the ATM machine to record the normal transaction process and attempts to withdraw money by force.

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Use cameras with true WDR to balance and get clear visibility despite the fact that the hotel entrance area might have different or extreme light levels especially at the day time.

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Success Story

Success Story

Domestic Bank in Taiwan

The headquarter and its branches of the domestic bank in Taiwan is using AVTECH recorders and cameras with AVTECH CMS software to monitor each area in the bank. The headquarter is also able to access the recording data of each branch for later checking.

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Domestic Bank in Vietnam

The headquarter and its branches of the domestic bank in Vietnam is using AVTECH CMS PRO software via the VPN service to monitor each branch and each area in the bank and save video data.

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Domestic Bank in Cambodia

This bank is using the Auto Backup function in our solution to regularly upload video data of the business hours to its specific site for video backup and saving up to 60 days.

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ATM Machines in Convenience Stores, Taiwan

The pinhole cameras are used in the ATM machines located in the convenience stores to record the transaction process and upload the video data to the branches responsible and headquarter of the bank via network.

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