The AVTECH solution for apartment buildings / complexes is able to offer not only professional surveillance systems as we always do but also a complete package management mechanism by integrating IoT devices into our systems. We can also integrate your current video doorbell system and electronic bulletin boards to bring convenience and safety into your life.

Solution Features

Solution Features


Main driveway

At the entry / exit of the main driveway to / from the apartment building, we have megapixel-level cameras with WDR to work with the 3rd party license plate recognition software to identity the license plate and its owner for neighborhood security.
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Residents recognition

The security guard is easy to identify whether the person walking in / out is the resident or not by seeing the ID displaying on the monitor.
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Guard Booth

Overall monitoring via TV wall

One monitor can display images from up to 4 recorders for security guards to browse, control and playback.

IoT Smart Notifications

The package management system includes tablets and IoT devices and can be integrated into our security solutions to notify you of the package arrival by E-mail or APP once signed by your building manager or security guard. You won’t forget to get your package when you’re home.
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Public Areas

A speed dome camera is installed to monitor other public areas with 360° panning and -6° ~ 90° tilting. By using AVTECH solutions, you can configure the camera to move to the specified point automatically when the specified event occurs for instant checking and evidentiary recording.

Home Solutions


The residents can remotely open / close the garage door via the mobile APP even when you’re away from home and in the office.
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Video intercom system (Optional)

When the video doorbell system is integrated into AVTECH solutions, the residents can not only see who’s visiting but also see the live feed of every main entrance in the apartment building.

Surrounding Walls

External IoT active infrared sensors

Active infrared sensors can be installed on the walls surrounding the apartment buildings and connected directly to the cameras with DI / DO nearby for burglary detection. When the sensor is triggered, the AVTECH solution will start recording and send notifications to the building manager or security guard.
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Intelligence Video Analytics

In addition to connecting external alarm devices, the AVTECH solution also includes the IVS technology to set a virtual fence for intrusion detection.

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Fitness center or SPA room

There might be some public facilities such as a fitness center or a SPA room in the apartment building / complex. The AVTECH solution is integrated with panic buttons for any emergency matters. Press this button and the apartment manager or security guard will immediately come to you to help after receiving notifications or Push Video.

Success Story

Success Story

Apartment garage in Lithuania

This case is consisted of two luxury buildings, which is located in golden mile and occupied by political and business elites. Each of them are separated into 12 floors and needed to be installed surveillance system for fighting crime and protecting residents, especially the gate and parking garage.

A Residential Area in Japan

We arranged a set of products for the community in Japan. The residents’ requirements for the surveillance system are listed below.

Luxury apartment at Taipei, Taiwan

In this case, the license plate system and fisheye cameras are included in the AVTECH solution.

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