All-round vision, all-day protection

Just move one finger on the app, EagleEyes, and you'll get all-round vision of your home from one small & compact camera capable of rotating 350° horizontally and 45° vertically. To blend into the environment, the camera design is not just small and exquisite, but the rotation of the camera head is quiet and smooth without making any noise.
Instant alerts - Push Video

When a motion event occurs, the camera will immediately send an event notification to your mobile device within five seconds, and meanwhile, EagleEyes, our mobile surveillance app will be activated automatically for remote video playback.


Quality and efficiency, altogether with high cyber security


In addition to its high image quality and smooth video transmission, this camera has also been approved for its capability to prevent cyber attack. You do not need to worry about being exposed to anyone you do not know.

2MP / HDTV 1080P

Equipped with a 1080 image sensor and a 2MP camera lens, it allows you to enjoy high quality video monitoring and playback experience.


Supporting H.265 reduces bandwidth and storage space required for optimizing data transmission and storage efficiency.

Anti-cyber attack approved

This camera has been approved to be able to prevent cyber attack to prevent malicious and unauthorized access.

Two-way audio

(Built-in microphone and speaker)
In addition to live video, you can also hear what's going on and talk to anyone on-site via EagleEyes if necessary.

EaZy P2P support

(compatible with iOS and Android)
Easily configure this camera to the internet by following EaZy Wizard and scanning a QR code.

Easy and flexible deployment

By offering both wireless and wired internet connection, you can flexibly and easily deploy this camera based on your environment.
Wireless internet connection

Supporting Wifi connection allows you to connect and configure this camera wirelessly to simplify camera installation and keep your environment neat.

Wired internet connection

Equipped with a wired internet connection enables you to connect this camera to a network port with a network cable and configure the camera.


pic_7.png AVTECH Function Other Brands
By Push Video Event Notification By SMS
Approved Anti-Cyber Attack No
1080P Resolution 720P
Clear and in focus Image Quality Normal
Surveillance-level Lens Lens Normal Lens
Surveillance-level LED Night Surveillance Normal LED
H.265 Video Compression Format H.264 / JPEG
Intuitive Operation Unfriendly
By Scanning QR Code Network Setup By configuring manually
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