Better & Faster Video Streaming H.265 NVR Series
H.265 NVR Series
Better & Faster Video Streaming
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H.265 Advanced Video Compression


AVTECH new H.265 NVR series is taking the advantages of CMS as the main design concept to include more advanced functions into this series, such as IoT scenario setup, event pop-up, spot monitor etc., in addition to adopting the H.265 compression format to lower the bandwidth and boost your storage efficiency.


4K2K embedded Plug & Play NVR


Can be used with 4K2K display to show up to 5MP video images and get vivid details with supporting now 2MP / 3MP / 5MP video recording.More...


H.265 compression technology: ↑ recording time & ↓ bandwidth requirement to improve with the recording & transmitting efficiency


POE embedded design.More...


EaZy setup via mobile phone app or QR code (EaZy Networking.)Video...


Intelligent detection & advanced IOT platform


Built in IVS function ( People counting, Virtual fence and one-way Pass) to give simple big data


Built-in “IOT Scenario” platform allows customization of a series of actions to be executed automatically in sequence when a defined event is being triggered.Video demo


High accuracy event notification for personal use or for monitor center

Live Event Pop-up

Events listed and popped up on the live view to catch you attention and see preview

Spot Monitor

Secondary monitor via BNC or VGA output to show live view, event monitor or call monitor

Push Video

Event / alarm notifications with footage playback sent to your mobile phone / tablet


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The AVTECH solution for hotels is able to offer not only professional surveillance systems as we always do but also stable wireless applications for hotel guests.



The AVTECH solution for banks is integrated with face recognition to help identify suspicious target and alert the security guard.



The AVTECH Wireless solution is simple and easy to install, and suitable for small-sized shops, factories and homes to have 4CH ~ 8CH video surveillance.