Ultra Starlight Technology

This camera is equipped with ultra starlight technology, allowing you to see color video with more details at night, even in the environment with barely no light.


 Video Demo

H.265 Compression

This IP camera series supports H.265, H.264 and MJPEG compression formats to suit your storage solution. For FHD video display and recording, the H.265 compression technology helps to decrease the recording capacity as well as bandwidth for better efficiency and performance than the systems employing other compression formats.


FHD Real-time Live Display

This camera supports 1080P real-time display and recording. You are able to see fluent live images on your PC (via Internet Explorer or CMS) and mobile device.


Corridor Mode

The camera with the corridor (vertical view) mode is able to change the monitoring mode from the traditional horizontal mode to the vertical mode. This helps to monitor the area which is long and narrow, centering and enlarging the surveillance area to the corridor but not the surrounding walls.



Defog is supported and can be used in poor weather conditions such as fog, smog or smoke. The captured image can be improved.