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 CMS  Version CMS Lite 32CH CMS Plus 64CH CMS Professional 96CH
 Product Picture
Release Notes (V3.0.0.0)
Minimum System Requirements 
Live CH  Request Up to 32CH Up to 64CH Up to 96CH
CPU Celeron CPU J1900 or above Intel core i7 3770 or above Intel core i7 3770 or above
RAM 4GB or above 8GB (for 24CH manual recording) / 16GB (for 32CH & 64CH manual recording) or above 16GB or above
Graphics  Card Intel HD4000 or above GTX1050 2G or above GTX1050 2G or above
Hard Drive  Type at least 500GB space at least 500GB (for 24CH manual recording) / 1TB (for 32CH & 64CH manual recording) space at least 500GB space
Total number of servers in the distributed system 1 1 1 or above
Total number of Live view
32 64 96
(For channels over 40, dual monitors are needed.)
Multiple monitor display 1 Monitor 4 Monitors Max. 8 Monitors Max.
Camera Management No.(NVR/DVR/IP camera) Unlimited
Multicast Solution  No No Yes
Server & Client mode No Client mode only Yes
Proxy Server No No Optional
Use Proxy Server Stream Yes Yes Yes
Live View & Control
Predefined Display CH Number 32 64 96
Sequence Display CH Number No No 96
Group View Display CH Number 16 32 36Channel
(Group numbers unlimited)
PTZ Control  Yes Yes Yes
Digital PTZ Control Function Yes Yes Yes
Digital PTZ Control  1X~11X
Hotpoint Control Yes
Manual Record to PC/Laptop & Audio Group
Total Manual Record CH Number 16 24 / 32 / 64 32
Manual & Event & Timer Record Yes
Audio Group function Yes Yes No
Total Audio Group CH Number 16 16 No
E-MAP Basic Function Simple Simple Yes
Multi-layered Setup No No Yes
Intuitive management No No Yes
Event Notification No No Yes
Graphical Alarm Fence No No Yes
Event Management
Event Pop-up No Yes Yes
Event Pop-up Live View CH Number No 4CH 25CH Max.
Audio Alert No Yes Yes
Playback and Backup
Local Playback Channel 1CH Max.
Remote  Playback Channel  1CH Max. 1CH Max. 9CH Max.
Remote Backup Yes Yes Yes
Smart Search No No Yes
Digital PTZ Control  1X~11X 1X~11X 4X、8X
Detail Check & Snapshot Yes
 Footage Conversion AVC/AVI
Health Check
Devices Status Simple Yes Yes
Computer Status No No Yes
Regular Report No No Yes
User  Account & Privilege Yes
Windows  account sync Yes
Other Functionality
Matrix Display No No Yes
Thermal Camera support No No Yes
Intelligence Video Surveillance (OV IVS) No No Yes
Access Control  Systems No No Optional
License Plate Recognition Systems No No Optional
POS System No No Optional
Denso System No No Optional

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