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Success Story

Here are the success stories and cases with AVTECH total solutions.

Harmony Hotel      


Harmony Hotel is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and just built in 2014. They want surveillance system with high quality and easy installation. Owing to the limited budget, they need an economic surveillance solution to reach high performance security.

This hotel has total 11 floors with a luxury opened swimming pool on the hotel attic, a main entrance and a parking garage. Each floor contains an exit for emergency use. And the guard room is set on the second floor for controlling all the surveillance devices and the network system. Regarding the hotel’s limit, we make a total solution consisted of HD CCTV product with TVI cameras and TVI DVRs, which perfectly meets the needs. HD CCTV features 1080P high quality and EaZy Networking via coaxial cables. The cabling cost will be greatly decreased because we can use coaxial cables, which is cheaper than internet cable, to reach 1080P image quality as IP cameras without latency. With EaZy Networking, the installation will be quick and simple. According to the surveillance environment, AVT503 was selected to be installed in the lobby for 316 degrees widely monitoring with motorized pan. To avoid overexposed image, AVT553 was choose to be installed at the main entrance for monitoring the car lane with WDR and for weather-proof application with IP66. Also, AVT553 was installed at the entrance of the garage. With its WDR and Solid Light, the crisp image can be surely achieved despite of the headlight of the car shooting on the camera and the monitoring in a situation without lights. On the each floor, we choose DG103 and DG105, whose price are efficient but with high image performance, monitoring the aisle areas and the emergency exits. For forbidding the access of emergency exits not in an urgent situation, we installed alarm control set on the exits. As long as the door opens, an instant notification will be sent to the guards in the control room. And the swimming pool is in an outdoor area on the hotel attic, so we installed AVT583 featuring 360° pan rotation continuously and IP66 to monitor without leak. For fully performing the features of the cameras and power functions, we had AVT236 TVI DVR to connect the cameras. It makes the installation easier and five 1920*1080 Full HD video output service. Considering that the front desk is able to handle the situation of the hotel, we use AVX916R to extend the transmission distance and HDM02 for multi-site surveillance, which allows the monitoring at the front desk. We had over 100 cameras installed in this hotel. CMS is absolutely needed to manage the cameras, have further application and to give videos when events are triggered.

System diagram    

EaZy Setup
The way to build a surveillance system has changed! AVTECH makes you experience HD video quality with the least effort to upgrade your CCTV system to IP-based video surveillance. A unique function, totally different from what you know about IP-based products. With it, NVR will automatically connect to IP cameras, and no need to make any special settings. As a result, NVR is easy to set up as DVR.

HD Quality
AVTECH solution enables you to upgrade your surveillance system easily, which brings you clear images for video recording and playback. We support 1920*1080 REAL Full HD display service, giving the best image quality on LCD / LED monitors.

Solid Light
- Advanced Smart Light Control -
When an object is close to the camera during night time, Solid Light will sense it and automatically control the amount of light to avoid over-exposure.

Longer IR Effective Distancel
Solid Light is able to produce stronger lighting under IR Enhance mode than traditional IR LEDs. It enhances the overall picture brightness and reaches longer distance in a dark environment.

- Longer LED Lifetime -
Solid Light applies special circuit design to avoid overheat and uses a heat sink to dissipate heat from LED more quickly. LED lifetime can last for 3 years with Solid Light design.

Crystal Image
- Energy Saving -
Although there are piles of 2 megapixel cameras in the market, they don't guarantee the same quality! Crystal Image IP cameras produce true HD video, giving sharper, clearer, brightly colored images for identifying more details. At the same time, the bit rate will not go as high as you think. Efficient compression ratio developed by AVTECH shows high quality video while requiring relatively low bandwidth/storage.

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AVTECH CMS software, “TRIDENT”, is a powerful system designed for all-scale projects. Global monitoring and control become so easy and efficient with its e-Map configuration and instant event pop-up display.

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Motorized Pan
With the built-in motorized lens, the camera can achieve a wide range of view, giving users more comprehensive control over the monitored site.

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Access control
Integrated with the access control system, the employees’ data will be transferred to and logged in the CMS for access and attendance record.

Multiple live view
The hospital management team and security guards are able to check every location in the hospital or look for abnormal events from the remote site via CMS.

Increase image recognizability in overexposure and dark areas.

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Model No. 
Product image 
IR Effective Distance 
1080Pf3.6mm / F1.8 Up to 15 meters
1080PMotorized f2.8 ~ 12mm / F1.4 ~ F2.8 Up to 30 meters IP66
1080Pf3.6mm / F1.8; f2.8mm / F1.8 (Optional) Up to 20 meters
1080Pf3.6mm / F1.8 Up to 15 meters IP66

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