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Success Story

Here are the success stories and cases with AVTECH total solutions.

Lithuanian Parking Garage in a Residential Building      


This new community is consisted of two luxury buildings, which is located in golden mile and occupied by political and business elites. Each of them are separated into 12 floors and needed to be installed surveillance system for fighting crime and protecting residents, especially the gate and parking garage. There are only two guardrooms set at the main gate to and the entrance to the parking garage for controlling access in this community. The guardroom at the main gate is for coming or exiting people, another is for vehicles.

Customer’s Needs 
1. License Plate Recognition(LPR) system is requested to confirm that vehicles entering and exiting the garage were authorized. 

  • If not authorized, the guard will be informed and the camera must capture images of the vehicles as record. 
  • If authorized, the barrier arm gate will be automatically open.
2. Clear image even the insufficient lighting at night



1. AVTECH LPR system is allowed to import database to analyze the license plate. And the cameras AVM561 and AVM500 are set as high as the plate sends image of plate to the computer dealing with LPR system while the car approaching. AVM542A is set on the ceiling.

  • Authorized → Alarm device of AVM542A is triggered, and the barrier opened.
  • Not authorized → Guard is informed, and the monitor at the entrance shows error.

2. The cameras featuring Solid Light and WDR provide crisp image even insufficient lighting or overexposure, enhancing the night security.

System diagram    

Solid Light
- Advanced Smart Light Control -
When an object is close to the camera during night time, Solid Light will sense it and automatically control the amount of light to avoid over-exposure.

Longer IR Effective Distancel
Solid Light is able to produce stronger lighting under IR Enhance mode than traditional IR LEDs. It enhances the overall picture brightness and reaches longer distance in a dark environment.

- Longer LED Lifetime -
Solid Light applies special circuit design to avoid overheat and uses a heat sink to dissipate heat from LED more quickly. LED lifetime can last for 3 years with Solid Light design.

AVTECH CMS software, “TRIDENT”, is a powerful system designed for all-scale projects. Global monitoring and control become so easy and efficient with its e-Map configuration and instant event pop-up display.

For details, please go to:

License Plate Recognition
The access gate of the parking lot will open automatically when the license plate is recognized and confirmed as registered in the CMS.

Increase image recognizability in overexposure and dark areas.

For details, please go to:

Related Products    

Model No. 
Product image 
IR Effective Distance 
f2.8 ~ 12mm / F1.4 ~ F2.8 Default: up to 30 meters
IR Enhanced Mode: up to 50 meters
IP66 / IK10
Motorized f6.0 ~ 60 mm / F2.0 ~ 2.8 Default: up to 40 meters
IR Enhanced Mode: up to 60 meters

  1. Press the button to get the access permission manually if you can’t enter
  2. When events occur, Search Engine is for guards to do fuzzy search to check the access records
  3. AVTECH CMS system embeds with variable functions for further application with LPR system. For example, Event Live popup or E-Map. Event popup on CMS is to inform the guard that error occurs. E-Map on CMS is to figure the multi-layered maps with camera location. If needed, you can intuitively click the camera on the map you figure to have live view.


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