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The best advantage of the Ezum™ series is that all you need to do is to finish camera installation and aim the camera at where it’s supposed to monitor. The focal length and focus adjustments could be done remotely on DVR with its user-friendly control icons.
Optical zoom:
The focal length adjustment could be done via DVR.
Day view optimization:
Easy adjustment of brightness, sharpness and color could be done via DVR.
Night view optimization:
Easy adjustment of IR intensity, noise and overall brightness could be done via DVR.
Pan / tilt / zoom:
The camera lens could be moved to every angle you want via the DVR (For the speed dome type only).
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A three-year warranty is provided for the Ezum™ series. It has perfect integration among software, hardware, IR and moving parts.
Longer IR lifetime:
The IR LED lifetime of the Ezum™ series is 50% longer than the one of other IR cameras because of its adoption of the latest technology for IR components and heat dissipation.
Solid mechanical design:
Optimize the mechanical and software control of the moving parts.
Optimized night vision performance:
The smart control of IR brightness could be done to provide consistent night vision performance at any angle.
Super low lux:
Star-light-level components are adopted with related software technology to offer color images even at the dark environments (for selected models only).
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The Ezum™ series offers you the most flexible solution to effectively reduce the inventory of different camera categories and quantities, and also the possible risks of inventory management.
TVI / AHD / IP support:
The Ezum™ series covers TVI, AHD and IP models to provide diverse selections.
A variety of motorized VF lenses:
The motorized VF type supports a variety of motorized vari-focal lenses to replace your inventory of fixed lens and vari-focal lens cameras.
Fast delivery:
Fast delivery is offered to meet the rapid change of your market and lower the inventory amount / risks.
DVR full control:
AVTECH DVR is designed to fully work with the Ezum™ series to provide corresponding control icons and is compatible with TVI / AHD / IP video formats. You can also use EagleEyes and CMS Lite to control the Ezum™ series.
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EZUM™ is a new technology by AVTECH corporation.
ZUM™ included Motorized Zoom and P.T.Z product line, P.T.Z solution also have Pan only, Speed Dome, Economic P.T.Z and IR Speed Dome products.
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