Wall-mounted CCTV robot ! Crisis or turning
point for CCTV installer and
security guard ?
DON'T FIGHT WITH THE TREND! Let the robot working for you and enjoy the benefits from AVTECH Ezum™ motorized vari-focal and pan solution with Push Video.
Competition between motorized VF camera & installer + VF camera
VF Cam   Competition   Motorized VF Cam
For camera zoom ratio and focus adjustment, which way is faster and more efficient?
Competing items Remote mouse control + motorized VF camera 10-year professional installer + VF camera
Speed to adjust zoom ratio 50% faster Slower
Focus accuracy by day and night Accurate both by D&N Slight difference by D&N
Stability of focus after 3 months Focus remained after season change Focus lost after season change
Advanced application of Ezum™ series
Super low lux   Installation   Video Alert
Tired of B/W image at night? Want to be alerted when flood might occur?
Super low lux:
The Ezum™ camera series covers all levels of solutions including an entry super low lux solution to get 0.1 lux visibility at night, and all types of housings including dome, vandal-proof dome, IR bullet and PTZ to fulfill all installation demands. For more details and sample testing, please write to AVTECH Ezum™ email (
Push Video for flood detection:
You can connect all kinds of sensors to the alarm-in interface of the Ezum™ camera or AVTECH recorder to build your unique Push Video application. For example, you can connect a water level sensor to get early flood warnings.
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EZUM™ is a new technology by AVTECH corporation.
ZUM™ included Motorized Zoom and P.T.Z product line, P.T.Z solution also have Pan only, Speed Dome, Economic P.T.Z and IR Speed Dome products.
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